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Callme is a practical table smartphone holder. How many times have you had a call and not knowing where to put your mobile phone? Is it unuseful to hold it in your hand all the time? Callme in its simplicity tries to solve this problem. It is made of a single painted metal element and is available in 4 different colours, White, Eucalyptus Green, Mustard and Terracotta Red.

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Color: Bianco RAL 9003 liscio

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Dsegno is a young and dynamic company but with a solid industrial reality behind it. It was created to interpret the new needs of contemporary living by offering smart solutions for home and work. A collection of simple furniture nd accessories with an essential, mutlipurpose design, characterized by new functions that can solve and simplify daily activities. All enriched by a color palette thanks to which it is possible to change the personality of the product and its environment. In a word, "Smart-Furniture".