Smarty - Kit 2

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Why just one Smarty when you can buy 2 at an advantageous price?

Smarty is a metal wall shelf made up of a single element, minimal, young and with an excellent quality-price ratio.

Each pack contains screws and plugs that can be used for any type of masonry and plasterboard.

Available in 7 fantastic colors .

Dimensions: 200 × 600/400 × 120 mm (depth, width, height).

Single shelf weight: 2.7 kg

Maximum load capacity tested: 17.8 KG

CATAS CERTIFIED Safety requirements EN 14749:2016


Shipment in 48 hours
Color: Verde Eucalipto RAL 150 60 10
Length: 60cm

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Dsegno is a young and dynamic company but with a solid industrial reality behind it. It was created to interpret the new needs of contemporary living by offering smart solutions for home and work. A collection of simple furniture nd accessories with an essential, mutlipurpose design, characterized by new functions that can solve and simplify daily activities. All enriched by a color palette thanks to which it is possible to change the personality of the product and its environment. In a word, "Smart-Furniture".